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PLEASE I'm desperate here I need advice. I have a huge probl

PLEASE I'm desperate here I need advice. I have a huge problem with stress during exams no matter how prepared I am for an exam I always get stressed (huge fear of failing it) that I end up screwing the whole thing. It has been a major set back in my life and I failed in college so many times because of that. I used to be a brilliant student in high school I even got in a prestigious college but my fear of failure and stress f***** up my entire life. And my final masters exams are approaching and I'm scared that it would happen again just like it did in the first semester. I don't know what to do I tried studying harder,meditation everything nothing gave a result . PLEASE help me out I can't afford an other failure I'm deseperate !!!!!

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Jun 12

Hi there, something that hs helped many with stress is taking magnesium malate. It is depleted in stress and helps calm the mind body and spirit. Hoping this helps you too, as it has many! <3 You will do great, hang in there, rest well.

Jun 12

Relax, your problem is simple and can be solved with ease i hope.
Ask yourself, do you underrate your self? even if you get an A you still deep down your self feel that you don't deserve it?
If people are rating you better than you rate yourself, that just means that you don't know your true value and you overrate people around you.
Try to work with a therapist if that is the case, you can't think clearly under pressure only because you are not confident enough.
In the meantime, you can talk to a family doctor about giving you something to calm you down for the exams if they are really close.
my doctor gave me inderal 10mg and made me super relaxed ( i had high heart rate and it lowered it).

Jun 14

Be positive. I was there and I became depressed when I failed in my exams. Stress can be overwhelming.
Take it one day at a time and get over the stress.


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