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Tomorrow is my birthday and I am not at all excited. I am ac

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Tomorrow is my birthday and I am not at all excited. I am actually stressed out. I am off work for couple days for my back being flared up. But there so much going on between the pain in my back and family stress. I want to wake up after my birthday

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Jun 29

I have Degenerative Disc Disease with bulges in my thoracic spine. Not much we can do yet because I am still “young” it’s rare that the pain is bad and my bad is getting worse so quickly. I also have khyphosis which causes my shoulder to offset and now I’m getting tendinitis in my whole upper right side.

Jun 30

@kprincess613 OH NO i have disc bulges too......a b **** to deal with.
oh no your whole right side....ouch, so sorry, my friend.
how do you even work ?
i had to go on disability 10 months ago, and it has depressed me, i loved having a purpose.
b-day is today! yay! she says...sarcastically.
sorry i took so long to get back back...i tried the pm thing...did it work ?????

i hope you feel better.....i am here for you.

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Jul 3

@STANLEY065 It is terrible. My back is always hurting and sometimes I have worse days. Sometimes I can barely even use my right arm because they are talking about tendinitis in the shoulder blade. I am scared to go on disablility but working is getting harder and harder. Sad part is I had to give up being a firefighter already. I used to do it despite my back knowing it was making it worse. But I cant lift **** anymore. I was so proud of myself to be a young female that could save lives like that. Now being an assistant kitchen manager working 50 hours a week is killing me. Lifting, standing all day,
fast movements, long hours. I am exhausted and always in pain. It is making my anxiety worse. Every **** doctor tells me to get a desk job or do something else less stressful. I just keep hearing yeah okay, I quit my job of 8 years and then...COVID and I cant find **** because there limited jobs except for essential employees who do the heavy lifting...bull**** all of it. How do you manage the pain???

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