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November 19th, 2020


I just give up...not sure what else to do

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I just give up...not sure what else to do

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Nov 30

@kprincess613 It's frustrating to be scared to drive, but it's not frustrating not being able to go anywhere. I don't really WANT to go anywhere. I've always been a homebody and chronic pain has just emphasized that nature. Even as a teenager I was perfectly happy staying at home reading a book. As for working, no, I really can't. Got a BS in psychology, but shortly after graduation my pain skyrocketed and a disease ran amok inside my abdomen. I did work a bit at a school, but my health just kept getting worse. I am not on disability, but that is something I'm trying to change.
It's totally okay if you don't want to talk about certain things here. I also don't think you need to. After being on this site for so long, I've learned that how we experience things are all very similar; the particulars don't matter much. So you say husband problem? That means with your chronic pain and mental health stuff flaring, you don't have that emotional support system to lean back on. And that really, truly sucks. I know I often feel alone with my PTSD and pain, but I also can't fathom not having my parents to rely on physically and emotionally . . . or rather, I can fathom it, and it's terrifying.
Have you considered using a counselor? Someone you can vent to and also someone who will help you sort through all the stuff you want to change and figure out what to prioritize. Or even a friend or family member? I know when my pain OR emotions get bad, thinking straight is just not going to happen. So if I need to make a decision when I'm like that, I try to run it by a few people I trust because I don't trust my own head.

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Nov 30

@kprincess613 Take your time, PM"s ...if you two would like. Not interferring, just a suggestion, ok. Talk to you soon.....messaged you.......hang in there.

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16 hours ago

@Raine14 I do talk to a counselor, well a psychologist and a psychiatrist f0r the meds. My support system is small since my family is just my sister. I have a couple close friends. I will DM you to talk more but thanks for all the insights.


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