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I'm not doing well. I'm on an anti anxiety med and it makes

I'm not doing well. I'm on an anti anxiety med and it makes me so tired if I take it during the day. I need it during the day. I am very frustrated as I already suffer badly from CFS. I feel like I can't win in life. I will ween myself off and talk to my Dr.

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Jul 12

I’m sorry you are struggling. If you want someone to talk. Feel free to PM me.
Lots of times doctors will prescribe a dosage that they feel is not too much. Or too weak. And plan on having to adjust the dosage. To zero in what dosage is best for you. So maybe talk to your doctor first before you adjust your dosage on your own. Now in no way am I implying you don’t know how you feel. No one knows how you feel better than you. But the more details the doctor knows the better he can help you. There’s a lot of different kinds of meds for anxiety. Maybe even do a little research on your own. And if you find something that you think might help. Present it to you doctor to see what they think.
Either way. I’m here if you need.

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Jul 12

It's frustrating. I've been on meds for over 20 yrs and it's been challenging finding what works. Having CFS makes life so difficult for me every day and it's tough being on meds that wipe me out even more. I will discuss this with my Dr but not sure what the solution could be at this point.

I've tried a lot to treat my CFS but so far nothing helps. Ive been fighting these battles most of my life and I just want relief!


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