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Has this illness turned you from highly social and outgoing

Has this illness turned you from highly social and outgoing to extremely quiet and introverted? If so, can you share some life hacks and tips for making life fulfilling even if you're like that?

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Jul 11

Find your soul maintenance plan: For me, walking dogs, meditation, yoga/hiking, cleaning, reading, then journaling. It may be different for you, but I've learned that when I put myself first in these ways, my soul shines the way that it was meant to. Cosmic love and hugs to you.

Jul 12

Im the one and im also still searchinf for solution

Jul 13

i have cfs/fibro since 70s so have adopted many straturgies for surviving this awefull situation.
found hobbies are usefull for beaking up the time and routine.
plus if you can get engaged in something it makes the clock go quicker. as long as you dont get caught in taking it too serious.
cfs for me is variable depending on many factors. for me extreme weather or quick changes in temp cause me to flair. also learning how far you can physically do things before burn out is important and if possible stay under the threshold as much as poss. if i have a good day i often do my normal routine and try to do a few days which sometimes can give me a little extra stamina for housework or one of the many tasks i want to do.
it feels easier to just give up and lie down but our bodies need exorcise and deconditioning of our physical bodies will gradually build up adding to more suffering so try to remain in best shape you can manage safely.
if im bedbound i stretch while lieing down and rotate limbs and so on. breathing exorcises like the alexander tech may help a little.
dont subscribe to gradial increase in more exorcise. also on bad days dont beat yourself up and push on as it pushes back. took me years to find a ballance and its not without alot of suffering but also my life is rewarding at times.
i voluneer at a local charity four hours a week now and try my best to forget about my old life.
i trivialise my symptoms as much as poss. possibly like nlp by calling my pain the fuzzies. or dizzy spells as a mini high or oh that was a good one. (to myself not out loud).
lastly most people outside these groups dont want to hear about sickness or symptoms.
hope you get something from this and can find a workable solution to dealing with your life and illness.

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