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What do you do when your the only one working for a nice hom

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What do you do when your the only one working for a nice home and one person just keeps messing it up and complaining about it. I know this may sound dumb. But i went from working a normal job to being a stay at home mom in the matter of months. I tried and still am trying to find a way to get a job with my lack of transportation. But that's not the point. I live with a person who thinks house chores do not apply to them. they clean up hardly anything and leave the bigger more important things for everyone else. But complain that i should have no problem doing it cause i'm home all the time. But it isn't that easy. Some of this clutter takes more then a few minutes to take care of. So having that responsibility with a baby who is sick is hard. Not saying it isn't do able. But when i do this stuff and get no credit and told i messed up somewhere. Or asked why didn't i do all of it. That gets to me, I feel like i am not appreciated. I feel like everything I did was just out of anger and that I had no choice. But to sit here and just clean everything because i have to. Like i get it. I am home a good percent of the day. But i promise you up till these last few days i have at lease attempted to make something of this place. All that happened was it just got turned into a disaster and i had to fix it all over again. It reminded me of when I worked retail and just got done making all the cloths nice and folded. Then someone came behind me and messed them up and management got made about it. But at lease then I got paid. I don't know if this is something stupid and I am just over reacting. But this is something I deal with on the daily and it kills me every time.

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Jun 5

@Poodlelove if this website made a app it would make my life. cause it would be so much easier to get on here for me.

Jun 6

I am so glad things are good.
I understand about your frustration with your Mom.
I heard someone say that we cannot change others, we can only change how we respond to them. I find that to be true on many levels.
Have a blessed night.

Jun 8

This story is so scary, no matter how I look at it thinking something best will be said, it gets weird and freakier than I would like to even think to start. Well, Its good to share but, what the hell? something is definitely isn't bright. Its appears like life for some. I never really understand when women are in situations that puts them down, they scrabble into making it succeed when its not beginning to work yet pretends it is moving right or better. Well, it was lovely, I will move on into the next thing. GOodbye


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