I just left what I had thought was a job interview and now m

I just left what I had thought was a job interview and now my anxiety is in full swing... I'm actually crying my eyes out.

This accounting firm reached out to me because I was a local student working towards my CPA and currently working full time for a small firm. They mentioned that they have full-time employment for students and could help me out; they set up an evening for after work today. I had thought it was an actual interview but it turned out to be an informal chat about the company and what to expect. (Kind of embarrassing showing up in my nice interview dress for a non-interview meeting), they weren't even prepared for me when I arrived.

The next step is for me to email them back to indicate if I want to move forward by going through HR. But I am so anxious about moving forward.

My current job is in a very toxic work environment but it is comfortable. It pays the bills and I can get away with a lot of slack. We work strictly 9-5 and there is no overtime.

This new job stressed that there was often overtime with employees staying late. They closely monitor time so there is no slack for goofing off. There is also an out of town work component to it... sometimes they need to audit out of town companies and you need to be gone for 3-4 days. They are also moving to a new office where it'd add about an hour to my (already 2 hour) commute.

I'm so stressed that I could cry. I feel like I don't have enough time to relax or spend with my dogs as it is.

The overtime/later hours I could cope with... I mean it isn't the end of the world. But I also have 2 dogs that rely on me at home... my husband wouldn't be able to maintain my morning/evening schedule with them.

Then there is the out of town component - that kills me. To think of being away from my dogs and husband for so long breaks my heart. My longest vacation away from my dogs was 4 days and that was too much for them (even staying with family). I also have serious concerns that my husband could maintain their schedule for this long... he wouldn't be able to give them the same kind of attention and exercise that I do.

To counter these issues they did say that they do provide some financial support for getting my CPA and that they have full benefits and a pension (I only get my hourly pay at my current job) but I am not sure how much I'd get paid... it could go either way.

This seems so silly. I want out of my current job and I need experience at a firm like this to get my CPA and advance in my career. But here I am crying because I'm going to have to work harder, longer, and travel for my job. Not everyone gets the luxury of working strictly 9-5 and here I am crying at the thought of losing that.

I just don't know what to do...

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Sep 14

Hello, dont be sad. It's good to be wanted. Write the pros and con's and add them up. But from what it sounds like so far, there are some big con's on the list. Maybe wait and see what other offers may come along.

Sep 14

@bebobaBetty I'm not rven job searching right now, but with this being such a small community, this employer is the only one that can help my career... I'll need to get in sometime over the next few years.

I've also found that I've been spoiled these past 3 years as accountants don't normally work strictly 9-5 hours and it'll kill my career to work places that accommodate this.

The travel could also have benefits to it... I get to visit towns I'd never vacation in and I imagine you get a lot more hours because you are travelling and staying overnight.

I'm more calm than I was last night and I'd think it's worth moving forward and finding out more.

Sep 14

Good luck with whatever you decide!


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