Happy 2020!!!
"The best is yet to come."
-Frank Sinatra

I did find myself...and I did work on myself...and I was c

I did find myself...and I did work on myself...and I was completely content with MYSELF...and I did all of that BEFORE I found my husband...then we got married and I found my niche in life too!!! I was happy, content, productive, and comfortable...I was living my dream life...i was fulfilled...we worked hard together to create a beautiful home and farm....this disgusting filthy diabolical cult stole those things from me on purpose!!!! They actively sabotaged my life using gaslighting, slander, deep fake technology, other technologies, lies, a network of moral-less gang stalkers, harassment, spying using various forms, stealing, other crimes, and psychobabble!!!! They broke us up BECAUSE WE WERE HAPPY...bc they're horrible people!!! I had a life...I had hobbies and activities I enjoyed...I was active on a daily basis doing what I liked to do...

The cult decided they wanted something different for me...what they want for me I do not want!!!!

Now they say:
Move on
Let it go
Work on yourself
Become a better person
God shut that door
Accept your new life
Have fun
Get a hobby
Learn to be happy alone
Get rid of your demons
Stop being a victim
Accept Jesus and things will get better
Be a survivor


I will not
Move on
Let it go
Change by their force
Accept the abuse
Accept responsibility for things I didn't do that were done TO ME
Learn to be happy alone
And I don't have demons

I'm going to speak out until my message about this cult hits national news!!!!! I didn't do ANYTHING to deserve THIS...I don't deserve to be ALONE!!!! I didn't need to CHANGE!!! I do not have demons!!! I will not have my rights as an American citizen stomped on by a church that bullies people into Christianity!!!!

I am a VICTIM...I'm a victim of a CRIME...an organized CRIME!!!! Perpetrated by a fanatical BAPTIST CHURCH!!!!! J.o. grooms Evangelist and his "treasure path to soul winning" tactics!!!!

I can't be a survivor when a life I don't want is being forced into me...I can't be a survivor when I'm a victim of TECHNOLOGY I do not want to have ANY part of...I can't be a survivor when my life is being changed by a group I don't want in my life!!!!!!!

I love my husband and I don't need to be a Christian for our marriage to work...learn to mind your own damned business!!! Learn to leave people alone...stop meddling in people's personal lives...if they want your religion they can seek it out for themselves!!!!!!!!! Stop forcing your beliefs on people involuntarily!!!! It is a CRIME and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!!! I did not ask you to teach me how to be a better Christian...I did not volunteer for your "soul winning" program...stop choosing targets that didn't ask to participate!!!!! You're committing a crime when you choose a person without their consent or permission!!!!!

Get out of my life!!!!!

Leave my husband alone!!!!

Stop lying to him about me!!!

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@Scat oh...the government knows about it all...they're learning how to use the technology...they're quietly watching the whole "war" (spiritual war)...I know...I got brave enough to bait the feds and local PD....I promise I baited frequently and EQUALLY...I had to in order to truly know HOW it was all happening...that's how I really pissed off a family member... government people are unmistakable ;-)....they're definitely not like the others...one of these things is not like the others...hehe


@Iristoiris I completely AGREE...eye to eye on that one for sure


@Karinah absolutely...technology gave a new venue...mass bombardment of cohesive mindset...a way to pound it in and drive it home...a national unity of shared messages that are aggressive...faith is something people hold close to the heart...they get passionate about it and are willing to fight about it...its a markist ploy/tactic...my first husband was special forces EOD...he swore never to get online...never to get a cell phone... or let ANYONE take pictures of him...that was in 1996...I thought how absurd..hes paranoid...hes nuts....now I know HE WAS RIGHT!!!!


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