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Checklist: I see/hear things that aren't there. People are

I see/hear things that aren't there.
People are somehow both talking about me and ignoring me. (Also, someone's out to get me)
The wiggle-jiggle leg.
Irritable and withdrawn.
No sleep.

So yeah. Pretty impressive list.
Where do I go from here?
I see the pill lady all the way on 23!

Do I take extra pills and focus super hard on sleeping or do I just give up and wallow for 48 more hours?

I cannot live like this!

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Darkandtwisty81's picture
Apr 15

@marsbars42 I'm sorry I don't say this lightly but your a bit of a moron

Apr 15

I think you all are getting off track. Someone is reaching out for help. @marsbars42 are you qualified to diagnose...?

Apr 15

I don't know a lot about this stuff but you should get help and see if you have scitsafrenea of something else if you know you have it you can get medication to help


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