What do you think that makes a human worth of living?In the

What do you think that makes a human worth of living?In the last sesions with my therapist we keep talking about this subject because I don't think I am worth living because I am not rich.Do you think that a human is worthy of living life just because he/she is alive?I have a hard time wraping my head around this ideea.

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Feb 12

This is a great question Pestisor, I have contemplated this myself. I don't think material possesion or status has anything to do with it, for me its more just about feelings. Some days I just feel like I'm dead already and there is just this body. Ahh I feel so worthless sometimes. But I've always gotten past these feelings. I'm sure they will come up again. The important thing (for me) is to work through the things that trigger this. It can be hard having BPD because at times I don't know where the feelings are coming from. It could be a thought, or life circumstances, or maybe just feelings that need to be released.

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Feb 15

I think about this often. Just today I realized that I am just existing, not living. But I also realized someone put me here and has not taken me yet for some reason. For me, I must have faith that there is some purpose I still must serve, either for me or someone else.

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Feb 16

This resonated with me a lot, my goal is to be make a living from my music, and sometimes it feels like there's no point in going to work, making some money, and going home because I don't change anything, so why should I even be here if I'm not contributing right? In my humble opinion, I feel like this question leads you to a very important crossroads, where one is positive and one is negative. You could say that you're not worthy of life because you haven't contributed much and go through your life living ordinarily and carrying self hatred along with you, or you could take the second road. Or you could make the decision to hit pause on everything right now, evaluate where you're at, and decide wholeheartedly that you want to be the kind of person that does contribute, or that you want to change something before you die. Many times I keep my own death in mind as a motivation. No matter what you do, you will die and there's nothing we can do about the human condition, but for the short time we get to rent on Earth I think we should make the most of it. We should do whatever we can to help people similar to us, we should try to achieve what we can, and we should just try to make our lives as happy as possible. Besides, if you were to check out early you'd missing out on all the cool **** Elon Musk is going to do in the years to come lol.

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