Hi there, I am just wondering how can u tell if u r bipolar-

Hi there, I am just wondering how can u tell if u r bipolar- like what r the signs? I've been getting crazy amounts of mood swings where one minute I am happy then the next I am anxious- then without another minute I can be quite frustrated and upset. So I have this feeling that I may be bipolar along with OCD

Pls I could use some support about this as I am so confused

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Jul 14

@afunk Awe thanks
I have a dr appointment on Tuesday and will see what they suggest and if they refer me to see a psychiatrist

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Jul 14

@Horsefreak103 a doctor won't be able to diagnosed mental issues, just as a therapist can't cure health issues! All they would do is refer you to the mental clinics for hospitals whichever may be the case.

Only trained professionals can understand if your bipolar, ocd, etc. Yes there's online tests that generally point you in the right direction, & can help the doctor or therapist better understand what your experiencing.

Jul 17

@Horsefreak103 Sounds good. If they put you on Lithium they might have to play around awhile like they did with me. It's hard to get the dosage right. More so than with any other medication I have been on.


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