Does anyone else have this weird fear of falling? Or imagini

Does anyone else have this weird fear of falling? Or imagining it when walking down stairs especially? I always get this anxiety when going down the stairs like I'm going to slip and fall.

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capuccinogrl1414's picture
May 19, 2017

At work, there are these stairs and no railings to hold on to! So that's what triggers the anxiety. I always hold on every time I go on the stairs, but just this school is like...bleh.

Emma160's picture
May 19, 2017

Ah I understand. Try always be close to the wall if there is with both of your hands on it and think of what you were going to do when you get down not of "you getting down with fear" .

Ofelia's picture
May 19, 2017

They say it gets worse as you get older. That's why many elderly stoop over - they are watching their feet. I look down a lot because I have neuropathy, so my legs go numb a lot.


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