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I'm an American citizen living in Beirut, Lebanon, where the

I'm an American citizen living in Beirut, Lebanon, where there was just a huge explosion this week due to government negligence and political corruption. Due to the escalating economic and political problems, I've been wanting to leave (me, my husband, and my dad with our two pets) back to the USA. But we don't have enough money to make the move, and now that the explosion happened, I'm freaking out, traumatized and just want to leave as soon as possible. But still no money!!! Our banks basically froze our DOLLAR accounts so even if we had dollars in the bank, we can't withdraw more than $50 a month, because the banks are bankRUPT.

I've been here for 9 years and it's been perfect up till a year ago when everything started to crumble. I've been wanting to start a GoFundMe but my mother started yelling at me for even thinking of the idea of asking people for money. Why is it so wrong to ask for money when you're in NEED OF IT?! THIS BADLY!? Like, why is it so taboo?!?! If you can help, you help, if you can't you can't. Why is it to bad? Or wrong? Or unethical?? I don't get it!!! Someone please explain this to me! I am desperate to get out of here soon!

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I just asked my husband why he thinks it’s like begging and he’s all flustered and frustrated bc I don’t get it and don’t see it his way. I feel more anxious and weirder than ever. I just don’t get why it’s so bad!!!! Especially when it’s not like we are asking to raise money for a vacation we are asking to Leave a country where it’s UNSAFE!

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Aug 9

It's pride. Talking about money and income in general is considered taboo. That's because we judge people on how much they make, how much they spend, and a lot of times equate it to worthiness. There is also a fear of being scammed or conned, or being accused of it. The pride is: I can't take care of myself and mine. The fear is: I won't be seen as trustworthy. And then there's what YOU are feeling: not safe. I think that is overriding everything in your brain right now, because physical safety is far more important than pride or anything else. Consider, though, that you have felt safe in this country for 9 years. The explosion is what's scary, not the country. Maybe you don't have to move to feel safe.


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