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A lot of mixed emotions are affecting me. As I've posted bef

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A lot of mixed emotions are affecting me. As I've posted before I've lived with Anxiety, Depression, and BED for most of my life. It's in these stressful times I have to be extremely mindful of them, as by this point the are a big part of me. The gravity of these feelings fog up my brain, delay my responses, and block my vision. What's on my mind now is I'm almost done with school, but am struggling with finding an internship to finish my degree. It feels so far, but I keep telling myself as I've been through the thicket before I can still make it though. My hope has always been there that I can use my past experiences to help others, and that's the main reason I desperately need to finish my program. I've found that serving others helps me feel better about myself and I hope to build on from that someday. Anyway it's been tough to get myself motivated to do anything, but I have been still able to get myself to work and for that I am thankful. I'll keep plugging along as that's what you have to do when the dark creeps back in. I have much to do, and I can get healthier. Thoughts to others struggling too.

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Jun 12

How is the internship search going?

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Jun 16

It might start this week. I'm just ready to start as it's been pretty stressful. All the unknowns just become so debilitating. I'm out of my comfort zone, but I guess that's a good thing. Thanks for asking.


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