I feel bad. I don't know this feeling. It's like a mix of an

I feel bad. I don't know this feeling. It's like a mix of anxiety and over sensitivity. I think I'm totally psychotic. I hate school and work. I want to break out of this system... is it just me who feels like this world is a lie? We are animals. We should be living like animals in the wild, not sit in schools and indulge in work that is basically a greedy business plan to generate money while keeping people poor. I just want Anarchy already because it's the truth. Countries are just farmlands to keep us under control. Medication is just a means to tame us. They tell you psychosis, anxiety and being psychotic is an illness.

When in fact it's what you need to survive in the wild. In the real world... this world is just sitting behind a desk and staring at screens. And friends, family is fake I want to live in the wild and rely on myself to survive. I don't want to have a car a house and money I just want to be free! It may not be too late. But I feel like I'm waiting for a political revolution before I can make changes... in the past it felt like I did not have any influence in my life.

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May 13, 2019

I understand what you are saying. I left the city to live in the country. I have some land and goats and it all takes a lot of responsibility and hard work. Although I have to say I feel happier out here in the farmland surrounded by the sounds of nature than I ever did in the city. It takes some planning to break out of the system, but with perseverance and support I think it's possible. I liked your post.

May 14, 2019

Well we can choose what we want to be. We need a career. Life is usually around 70-80 years. Do something you enjoy doing. We need money to survive. Maybe you want a partner. That would give your life meaning. Falling in love is a great thing. Try to get out and meet people. Then you can share your views with others. I'm glad you're here. Continue to let us know how you're doing.

Aug 16, 2019

I like Kisobels comment. Artic3 I think about the things you say all the time. Sure we are probably still adapted kisobels way of life but as humans we have a large propensity to adapt or evolve to our surroundings. Maybe existentially you havent yet found your stake in modern world. Love, your own business, helping the community can help you have a stake in it. Not that you have to be a cog in the mechanism but a greater existence in this modern world can give you different light but kisobels style works also.


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