Today was interesting. I recently re-connected with my adult

Today was interesting. I recently re-connected with my adult daughter, my teenage granddaughter, and her father, all living together. Her father was in the hospital. I picked him up to drive him home tonight. My daughter, age 41, recently had a baby. My teenage granddaughter is pregnant. Her father is diabetic, had pneumonia plus hepatitis C. No wonder I can't eat. I'm 64, suffered from anorexia most of my life. Keeps me thin. But now I'm determined to get well. My teeth are rotten from vomiting. I have few muscles and no strength. And now my granddaughter needs me. So I need to learn to eat. The heck with the adults, I just want to take care of my granddaughter. So I need to live long enough to do that. And I need to eat to live. Most days I eat one tiny meal a day. I can drink some juices. Sometimes. Sometimes even water upsets my stomach. you know. But did you realize that it can go on and on and on until you're 64 years old?

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Apr 15

I did not. how is the reconnecting going? and your resolve?


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