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So i am stressing out. My anorexia is really taking over me

So i am stressing out. My anorexia is really taking over me rn. I feel guilty every time I eat and I dont really understand why.

BlackLily's picture
Nov 9

@Butterfly019 The possibility that you could be feeling guilty is because you have been going down this path I'm assuming for a long time now, and once something unravels it's hard to bring it to a calm again. It's just like trying to untangle a ball of yarn after a cat has played with it. Even though the ball of yarn situation has to deal with impatience, anorexia is alike, because when we create a cycle in which we get stuck in we have created our own comfortable atmosphere no matter how uncomfortable it maybe to us as well as others, it's a habit just like a dog chasing it's tail so to speak. Please don't feel you have to blame yourself, you are reaching out for help and you are so brave for posting.

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Nov 13

anorexia is very difficult you can PM me to talk more about it if you like


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