I have struggled with an ED since I was 15 (I am almost 20 n

I have struggled with an ED since I was 15 (I am almost 20 now). It started out as anorexia and then moved to binge eating disorder and now I think its going back to anorexia and exercise addiction. I just really need someone to talk to who is in a similar situation as me....

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Aug 20

Everybody has an addiction. everyone does. It just depends on which one. Getting better is all about aiming ur addiction in a different direction, to healthy things, healthy thinking and being good to urself.

Aug 23

Hey, I'm 19 and I'm in a very similar situation. I am obsessed with tracking how much I eat because I have a really negative self image. I've tried a lot of different things, I eat very healthy and drink mostly water all day, but the second I look at myself in the mirror or get upset or stressed out I immediately turn to food and can consume a ridiculous amount within a five minute sitting. The I try and make up for it by either running a ridiculous amount on the treadmill or just trying my hardest to eat under my daily calories the next day. It is so obsessive but I have no idea how to not act like this. I have a lot of trouble here at home because my family doesn't eat healthy and there are always things to binge on in the house. I've been dealing with this all summer I'm hoping when college starts back up I will be fully distracted because this doesn't feel like a life to me. I've never been anorexic because I'm just obsessed with eating because that's how I cope. But there are days where I have to be to make up for the binges that I have when i'm trying to cope with anything. Most of all its just cause I don't like the way that I look, doesn't makes sense that I would eat that much then but I do? HELPPP lol

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Aug 26

Hi I can relate to your situation as well. I am 20 years old and have been battling my weight for 3 years now. Ever since I went on the pill I gained some weight (Summer of senior year of High school) My mom told me I should watch I eat and ever since then Ive been cautious of my weight. It wasn't until my 2nd semester of college when my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years and I broke up, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and my grandmother past away all in 2 months. I lost a significant amount of weight to the point of not being healthy. I am an athlete so I lost mostly muscle. In the last year I gained about half the weight back in muscle and was loving myself. This summer I was diagnosed with acute mono, I gained all the weight I lost back as fat plus more! I go back to school this week and preparing myself to follow the same strict diet I did during my 2nd semester. I need help! I want to lose this weight and he happy/healthy with myself again. I think we help can each other


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