I feel so gross right now, been in recovery off and on for y


I feel so gross right now, been in recovery off and on for years and now am going through some issues trying to battle that "good vs. evil" in my mind of should I eat, should I not eat and I feel like I can't eat in front of anybody right now. Every time I eat something lately, even if it is just a piece of fruit I feel like I am gaining a bunch of weight, even though logically I know this isn't true. Why is so hard just to be "normal"?

pash32's picture
Feb 18, 2017

I know how you feel... Is there any time that you feel comfortable eating?

Feb 19, 2017

usually when I am alone, though I try not to do this as much as possible because I think this somehow triggers the behavior to be worse. I do notice when I am going through other issues that cause me anxiety it makes it even harder not to eat. I sometimes don't even realize how long I go without eating until someone else points it out. It is a daily struggle, I can either give in or fight and it's hard because sometimes I think it would be better to give in.


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