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I am struggling with my weight. i ate a lot for dinner and I

I am struggling with my weight. i ate a lot for dinner and I am feeling really guilty. Is there a way where I can prevent myself from being hungry so I dont have to deal with this? I know that gum works really well for me. Any other suggestions?

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Nov 9

@Butterfly019 I think you are brave and courageous for reaching out on here. I feel that this is the first step towards you seeking help from someone. I understand you say you feel guilty, may I ask what about? Have you consulted with your doctor or at least a therapist for starters to figure out a safer way to lose weight? I can tell you it does get better I personally know a girl from my hometown who went through the same thing and she went to rehabilitation services to get her weight back up to a healthy weight. She still struggles; however, instead of putting all of her time into making sure she doesn't eat hardly anything, now she's eating healthier and running about eight miles every morning. Keep your chin up and don't give up, either which way you choose I'm still here and I still support you. Hugs

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Nov 13

eating more good fats and proteins helps me. Sardines, salmon, good quality nuts. idk if you cook or go out to eat?


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