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Hi so I'm new to this site and (trigger) I joined for self h

Hi so I'm new to this site and (trigger) I joined for self harm. I'm 14 and I've developed anorexia due to the critisism at school. I'm actually reply fit and on the football team but I don't accept myself. I spend hours in the morning getting ready and finding the right outfit. Starving myself drains my energy and makes it hard to play football. I'm also very depressed about this and my self harming also I was molested 4 months ago by my nanny. Please help my parents refuse to accept my problems and threaten to put me on phyciactric hold they don't understand. I need support.

Jun 16, 2017

*hugs* you are loved and supported in here.

I feel very sorry for what you are going through, and it seems that you experienced a lot of mental blows in your life that have derailed your life from becoming a healthy young girl.

The basic gist i guess from what i heard you say is that you received terrible criticism at school, maybe people calling you ugly,dumb,fat,stupid or a whole track of the most terrible things you can think of that have send your mental health of into the abyss of a emotional rollercoaster ride through hell. Making you lose all your self worth and confidence.

Well, we are not going to allow that.

The thing is, there are many many many terrible people on earth, and there are many enemies out there who could care less if you die an excruciating death or go through horrible pains and sufferings.

But the question is, are you going to listen to them? The answer is NO.

You don't have to listen to anyone in life that doesn't have good intentions for you and who doesn't support you. Why on earth would you listen to those who have bad intentions, or criticism of your life? Or those who would waltz over you like a bulldozer just to feel good about themselves?

The only thing you need to do, is focus on doing what is best for you, and doing those things that will make you into a healthy girl with great ambitions.

You don't have to listen to evil people or follow up what they say. Only listen to those who have good intentions for you.

We here at supportgroups only have the best of intention with you, and you should also fight for your own health. I mean you are i think almost at the age and point where you might start dating. I can assure you guys like to date girls, not skeletons. If you start eating healthy in combination with exercising you will look a lot better and more attractive and you will also feel better yourself.

You don't have to take hours to find the right outfight, anything that takes more then 15 minutes is not acceptable as you only lose valuable time for the rest of the remaining day.

But the thing is, your mental health is falling into a hole, and you definitely need help from professionals, and not from those who do not understand you. GET HELP.

Definitely see a psychiatrist to talk about your problems, of being depressed and being molested, criticized and your issues of self harm.

Along with this I would also recommend you read self help books to get you over your problems. And to stay into close contact with supportgroups to help you guide you through this. This all in order for you to start walking on the road to recovery and to steer your life into a positive direction out of hell.

Hungry for Life: A Memoir Unlocking the Truth Inside an Anorexic Mind

Hope for the Hollow: A 30 Day Inside-Out Makeover for Women Recovering from Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorders

Why Can't You Just Eat?: A Look Inside the Mind of Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder

The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs

The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time

Living for Today: From Incest and Molestation to Fearlessness and Forgiveness

I would definitely warn your parents also that the nanny has molested you. They should contact the police so this person gets arrested. If they don't believe you, then simply ask to stay with other family or friends , if they refuse you should also threaten to run away from home because the nanny has molested you and there's no way you are going to stay with that person, demand that they at least hire a different nanny from a reputable company. Demand your father installs hidden camera's to monitor the behavior of the nanny's that visit your home so that if any crimes take place , they will be recorded on camera.

My last advice would be. Stay out of toxic environments, and stay away from toxic people. Stand up for yourself, be like a castle gate , only allow good people/things/events into your life, and kick out bad people/things/events out of your life. And keep going for gold as well as try to get a good education for a better future.

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Jun 18, 2017

This will not help entirely, but try to remember the quote from Dr. Seuss, "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". Don't listen to the criticism at school if you can help it (I know it's very difficult) because anyone who judges you for how you look is so insecure and worthless he/she needs to bring you down so you are at the same level.

With the molestation, unfortunately you being a guy is going to make it much harder to get help (which is stupid). No one believes males can be raped/ molested by females- and that is 100% completely untrue. I wish there were something more I could do to help, but know that I believe you.


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