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Hello i went to the doctor and tried to convince him and he

Hello i went to the doctor and tried to convince him and he is even more concerned now am n the hospital and have to gain 20 pounds before i can be released but i feel i will be too fat if i gain even one pound help i only eat dinner everyday always skip breakfast and lunch no one even suspected it until my doctor weighed me any advice?

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Jul 6

I have already done that and he said since im 5`4 and 60 pounds i am considered anorexic a week ago i tried to rebute that and he said me rebuted it proves it!

PianoPrincess56's picture
Jul 26

As a recovering anorexic, I can tell you that one of them symptoms of the disease is that you completely lose the ability to see the situation in a rational manner. You’re very smart about most things in your life, but you can’t look at this part of your life with the same “smartness” that you use in every other part of your life. You are still a smart person. Anorexia is like having perfect vision, except when you look in the mirror or on a scale. This is why it’s hard to accept what your doctor is telling you. I wish you the best as you journey toward recovery.

Sep 10

I only eat dinner everyday no matter what no snacks that way you only have one big meal enough to trick ur body.


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