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im really hungry and there is a cupcake in here and I wanna


im really hungry and there is a cupcake in here and I wanna eat it..but its a cupcake...

Maria40m's picture
Feb 16, 2017

Close your eyes.. take little bits .. savour the moment.. But don't feel guilty after wards.. you deserve that treat.. and you are thin enough to eat a million cupcakes and not gain ant weight.. keep happy when you are eating it and especially after you've took that last bit.. you are beautiful but for some reason you do not believe it x

mermaidlilith's picture
Feb 26, 2017

lol one of my biggest dilemmas! above comment, true. also, there is millions of starving kids, so i think of them, then me, i actually have food i *like* to eat, so ill take a few bites and be grateful i am able to have a little of something i enjoy;)

Feb 26, 2017

Tell your eating disorder to go back where it came from. Life is short. Eat the cupcake. : )


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