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hello everybody, i've been out of this group for three years

hello everybody, i've been out of this group for three years, but i've been struggling still. as always, i've been alternatively up and down, going through periods of "real-recovery" avoiding dieting and practicing mindful eating, but after a while i usually fell back on binging-purging-vomiting and then strictly dieting. however, i've done many steps forward on how to manage all of this and how to overcome crisis. currently, i'm trying to eat healthly and focus on everything else in my life: work, studies, sports and my boyfriend. i've been avoiding relationships for the last four years until this august, when I met my actual boyfriend. all of these issues sometimes have a bad influence on my relationship, but i'm trying to work on it. in conclusion, what i want to say to all of you is that after all of these years i've been struggling with the same issues but i think i have better tools now. i still really need help though, and i'm very happy to help all of you too.

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Nov 15

@G94 Yeah sure, I completely understand that. Me too I am still struggling with that, but it is getting - slowly but steadily I tell you ;)
Anyhow, feel free to contact me, I am looking forward to reading from you so we can get to know each other a little bit better :)
Have a nice day!

Nov 15

@g94 I'm exactly the same way! I told my boyfriend I struggled with an eating disorder but now I'm doing a lot better, which is true, but since I do still binge I'm not being 100% honest, since I'm embarrassed about telling him. Do you feel like when you're with your boyfriend you binge/purge less and when you're alone you binge/ purge more? i also don't like to discuss my issues with anyone but my therapist due to fear of judgement

Nov 16

@knj821 as we do not live together i've never binged-purged when i'm with him, on the contrary i eat very little, particularly after a binge..


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