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Sooooo, I get mad very fast, I get the adrenaline rush from

Sooooo, I get mad very fast, I get the adrenaline rush from my anger, and I just run with that. I'm like **** I'm only 16, life just fr ain't fair, but I just try my breathing techniques my therapist recommended.

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Mar 23

What do you do when you get mad?

Mar 24

In my teenage years and on occasion in manhood I've struggled keeping my temper. Part of that growth is that I've experience how unfair life is. But what I've come to understand in a real way, is that fairness from the world at large is an unrealistic expectation. There's just way to many humans in it. Humans trying to get things right. Humans trying to "get theirs". Humans trying put others first. Humans trying to fix everyone else's faults...
Consider joining or going deeper in a Church. Or a club, or area with people of similar interests. Just try and expose yourself to more humans, to experience the unfairness.
I pray that eventually you come to see the surreal beauty of it all. In part it's the unfairness that makes those moments of sweetness and love amongst this see of humans stand out and mean so much.


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