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My go to place. Today landed up in a one sided phisical figh

My go to place. Today landed up in a one sided phisical fight, the guy was really upset not only was he swinging but the guy was also been verbally abusive. At no point did my anger kick in. It was the perfect environment to loose my **** but nothing. Can any one please give me the key to been normal?

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TreborH's picture
Nov 8

@norseduncan, I remember the days when I was like that. I think at the end of the day we both searching for that healthy place. Again, thank you for responding, not feeling as panicked as I was earlier. Think there is an abuse factor behind this that needs attention.

norseduncan's picture
Nov 8

@TreborH that could very well be. and you should investigate that angle.

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Nov 12

For me, I'm the most calm person around. I grew up around people that had massive instantaneous anger. My dad for one. He grew up spoiled and had tantrums. He continued having tantrums all his life.
I find anger immature. And DON'T take that poorly or towards yourself.
I was brought up to be very mature. I had to be, my dad and two step mothers were like children.
I do go in my so called cave at times. And I clam up. But then I'll talk about the problem later. I think things out well too.

I've often thought that people with anger issues should take up Marshal arts. You are taught not just how to protect yourself. But also, to never allow anger into the situation. Your taught to stay calm and THINK about your next move and your opponent. Anger releases Adrenaline. It escalates anger. You need to learn to defuse it. For me, that's where the maturity comes in.
Youth reacts, where as age thinks about the reactions.


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