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Just wondering when I became so irritable and inhuman. Seem


Just wondering when I became so irritable and inhuman. Seems like forever where I would be unpleasant in human encounters. Because I don’t get anywhere I take it out on people and the cycle repeats itself. I’ve tried medication but it doesn’t help. I’ve tried everything it seems like.

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Apr 17

@norseduncan i think your right. Its just so hard to get used to. You have to change how you think. Right?

norseduncan's picture
Apr 17

@chaoticlife since what others think is utterly beyond our control, it seems silly to me to invest much thought in it. what matters is what YOU think of you. glad to hear you are doing better

Apr 18

@ chaoticlife,its so hard to believe to say to heck with what others think, but i know we can do anything we want with practice,


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