Hello, I am new here. WOW! My anger is horrible! I quit smok

Hello, I am new here. WOW! My anger is horrible! I quit smoking almost 15 months ago and I get angry so easily! In addition, at same time, I was moved from night shift to day shift---and I am NOT a morning person!!! Any suggestions? I tried deep breathing, counting to ten, twenty, etc.....to no avail....

May 4

Hi! I’m sorry to hear this, and I don’t really have any advice but if you ever just need someone to let all your anger out on I’m here. You can try keeping a journal or writing a letter to the people who bother you. Go off on that letter, tell them to shut the f up if you need to. Just make sure that when your done to throw the letter away or keep it tucked away from them. I hope things get better for you!


I agree with AW1206 writing down your thoughts about things that hurt you and get it all out will help alot. As far as getting use to 1st shift start taking a hot shower at night an hour or two before bed. Keep your room on the cooler side you could try a small fan to keep cool and cover up noise and the silence. Make sure you have your clothes laid out for work the night before and anything else you need ready but do it rather early in the night not at the last minute. Anything you can think of to do the night before will help you. Do you give yourself time to wake up? It does help to allow yourself plenty of time to wake up. Try not to rush in the morning because that will stress you and p.. you off. Its all about preventing the anger. Take care of yourself and you will get a huge payoff. I'll support you.


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