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Going back to the family business after taking some personal


Going back to the family business after taking some personal time. I'm starting to dread the constant pessimism and predictions of failure from my business partner. I think it must be some kind of mental illness where a person sees possible bad outcomes as definite. No matter how many of my projects succeed (and she takes credit for the successes) she always claims that my next project will fail and ruin the company even when I'm doing a job I've done before. I see potential problems as something to keep in mind and work around but she is always ranting "we will run out of money" "it won't work" " it will break" "we'll get sued". And I hate the bitter tone of voice she uses to talk about my work in progress. This is still going on after more than a decade of success and having some of the biggest companies around the world using my services. I know I should ignore her nasty prediictions but I hate that I don't get any credit or courtesy after all the work I put in. My idiot sister genuinely thinks the only reason I haven't killed people or bankrupted the compnay because she stays on top of me with her ignorant and obstructive rants (and she can't even do the actual services we sell). Sorry, I just needed to vent. :D

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Aug 10

working with family is never easy, it is tough. go ahead and vent, we all need it from time to time.

Aug 10

If it’s you tgat is succeeding and she is riding your coat tails why not go out on your own or find a new job doing the same thing. Only way to solve the problem is remove yourself from the company if she is incompetent as you say she will fail while you thrive.

Aug 13

I can't earn enough of I have to work and manage the other aspects of the business and I can't afford to hire an assistent. This partnership started when I was very young and she controlled all my money and prevented me having my own computer for 20 years. we love in the middle of nowhere so using the internet is the only way to make money. I finally managed to get a cheap computer last year and I am trying to build a small business on the side to squirrel away some money of my own.


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