Tbh I just wanna die and be done with it I can’t take this

Tbh I just wanna die and be done with it I can’t take this **** anymore it seems like every thing I do or say turns to ****

Foundlove's picture
Apr 7

I’m sorry feeling like this. What do you feel like causing these moods? Moods like this usually go away with time.

Apr 7

I understand the feeling. Sometimes you just want to be taken away from it all and not have to keep struggling. I hope this doesn’t mean you want to take action physically. The fact that you’re admitting it tells me there’s something in you still fighting and asking for help. It is so hard to see anyone else when you are in that mind frame. Believe me that losing you would be a loss to a lot of people you don’t recognize that care. You can’t see it now but you will get to the next day. Just get through the next minute that leads to the next half hour then hour. I want to hear tomorrow that you made it. You can make it.


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