Like crap and really want to end everything because it seems

Like crap and really want to end everything because it seems like I’m losing my fiancé to my anger but it runs in my family and I don’t know what to do anymore I’m ready to give up

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Apr 7

@jane.doe thanks much appreciated


Sorry for your situation. Have you tried to get help for your anger issues? Many times anger is a secondary emotion. Usually there are hurtful circumstances that cause people to feel angry - family and relationship issues are some of the big hurts. Everyone has anger from time to time. We have to find ways to deal with the anger - otherwise it destroys our relationships with those closest to us. See if you can find a Pastor who can listen and pray over your situation. They can help you find a support system to help you overcome this. Personally - I pray many times when I am angry - that God will help me in these situations. Then I try to be patient and wait for God to answer - which could take awhile. I also look for things to be 'Thankful for' and 'Hopeful about'- even in tough circumstances (with God's help). So important to change our perspective when we get mad. I also apologize when I say things in anger (usually) - that helps the relationship to return to normal again. I also like to repeat the Lord's prayer to help me forgive others. So important. Prayers for your success! You can do this and change your life!

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Apr 13

@catch_the_music I’m in a lot of support groups but I have seemed help and haven’t gotten any


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