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I found this really good response to what a lot of us are go

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I found this really good response to what a lot of us are going through and that is "Why do I feel like I am going crazy when I'm alone?"

"Because you need something to occupy your mind. Because either you don’t read/listen to music, or you’re usually surrounded by noise- and when that isn’t there, it makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s why some people just leave the T.V. on.

Because something is distracting you, perhaps you feel guilty, or you’re in love, or you have to do something you keep postponing. Being alone gives you time to think- and sometimes, you think too much.

Because you are isolophobic- you may be worried that important people in your life will leave you. You have been alone before, and you never want that to happen again.

Because you have forgotten that you are not alone. Literally- I wrote this whole answer so I could say this; you are not alone. If you feel like you’re going to go crazy/are going crazy- message me. Because guess what; I’m probably already half as crazy as you are, and if I’m not going through the same thing- someone else is."

"Because you’ve yet to learn to love your own company. I went through a period of two years where I rarely saw anyone but my dogs, and at times I too thought I would go crazy, but then I started listening to music more, dancing, drawing, going for long walks with my dogs through trails, and before I knew it, I was genuinely enjoying myself, and enjoying being alone."

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Jul 8

@Chewong such beautiful words!! thank you so much! it brought a little hope. its hard to stay strong when everything is falling apart. like how do i stay strong when everything bad has happened.. I mean I don't even have a job... just wait around and hope for the best? its just all seems so unlikely and unkind. ugh.

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Jul 9

I leave the tv on. And if I’m reading my textbook i just mute it but even seeing moving pictures in my peripheral makes me feel safe just like kids hiding under covers when they hear a scary noise which i still do at 28 lol

Jul 11

Good luck darling!


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