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i feel like my life ain't mine. i don't wanna be alive i can

i feel like my life ain't mine. i don't wanna be alive i can't hold any mom gets angry on me every single day my dad is useless they both like my brother more than me and they make me feel that i am a useless person and i think to die that moment because cam useless i am tying very hard to hold and forget and ignore but they just................... they just................. wouldn't let me every night i cry in my bed before sleeping thinking i am fat ugly looking black and i am not good at studies or anything and i won't be able to become anything in future . i just don't know what to do because it has became permanent

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Jun 13

@Ducktape i like playing video games and doing workout

Jun 13

Okay so focus on what brings you enjoyment. We can't change what other people think so we have to help ourselves. Sometimes that is really hard to get and stay motivated. So secretly (don't tell anyone) start working on one aspect about yourself that you would like to change. Those around us will often sabotage our best efforts. Remember the story of the ugly duckling who became a swan.

You know that things are not right around you and chances are they won't change. So why don't you change? Start moving towards a goal to change your life, (just keep it a secret, for now.) One step, one goal, at a time.

I remember that it was math that held me back. I got a tutor. A lot of people get tutors to overcome their weak points. Make the extra effort to change what you can about yourself. Your self esteem is low, so start looking at your inner child and what that child is telling you. See if you can figure out where the inner child got the wrong ideas about yourself. The idea is to overcome our insecurities (fears) that were contrived in a child's mind. We rework them through our adult mind.

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Jun 13

ok i will try that thank you for being there with me


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