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Hi everyone! So my family is pretty toxic. they are alway

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Hi everyone!

So my family is pretty toxic. they are always so negative.. every each and one of them. always fighting always looking for something to pick at. my mom thinks I'm weak because I cry and I get so emotional quickly.

I don't have many friends but the ones I do they are always so negative and it puts me down my family and friends both put me down.

its so hard to be happy when people are negative. it kinda makes u think that you're negative as well...

what can I do to be a happier person. I feel like I've become negative and unhappy. its also very hard to know when you are positive and a happy person.

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Nov 24

I don't know if my advice is really called for, but I have the feeling that maintaining contact with your positive brother is important.

Part of me wishes you could live with your nice-sounding brother.

Here's a smile for you! :)

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Dec 7

deleted for privacy

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Dec 7

One thing I like to do is surround myself with positive media and online connections when I feel my outlook is becoming negative and I am focusing on the bad stuff. If I watch the news or read depressing articles it tends to make me view the world as a hostile and bad place. I find inspirational stories on purpose of people doing good things. Focusing on those good and positive things helps me have a more positive overall outlook of the world and people in general.


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