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I haven’t been diagnosed anger but I deal with It a lot wh

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I haven’t been diagnosed anger but I deal with It a lot when it comes to my ptsd and borderline personality disorder.
When I get mad I don’t know how to calm myself down, I just yell and destroy things. I get way too outta hand, honestly I punch my own thighs to prevent myself from causing any more damage. Does anyone have any ideas on how to let out anger the right way. I just need the right outlet when I’m mad.

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Jan 1

@Sammy97 I did find a good therapist on the 3rd try, medications, and I started yoga / meditation a few months ago, this combination has helped the most

Jan 8

It's good you recognize what you are doing to your partner, find help soon because if you don't you will push him away and I know because my spouse is pushing me away daily but the difference is he really doesn't feel bad about it

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Jan 11

@Sammy97 Sorry for the delay. Your reply got lost in the other posts. What you describe is how I've experienced rage too. 0-100, outburst, then shame. Once I started the mood stabilizer (yes, medication from a psychiatrist) I found I don't go to rage. I get mad, but justifiably so, and not the irrational blind rage.


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