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Hey guys, I've been so stressed today. Financial aid stuff w

Hey guys, I've been so stressed today. Financial aid stuff was stressing me out, and for whatever reason, I still couldn't stop feeling stressed after I told myself I was done for the day. It just kept stressing me out. And then I went back to my hypochondriac ways, and now I'm really scared.

I used to Google everything weird that happened to my body, and of course after you Google something, you think you have cancer (at least, that's my experience). When I was a child, I feel like there was about a year where one of my eyes would be dilated more than the other at times, but then it went away for years, so I completely forgot about it. Almost two years ago, I noticed that it came back, and although it doesn't last, I'm more self-conscious about looking people in the eye. Today, most every time I've looked in the mirror it's been so obvious. I think I Googled it once, but this time I was hoping that I would get more information on how to make it stop. Like, maybe I can fix it somehow? Now I'm just scared all over again because it can be "normal", but it can also be brain damage. It's been like this for almost two years, and it comes and goes, and I don't feel like it affects my vision...I'm just really self-conscious, and now I'm stressed all over again and I don't know how to calm down.

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Feb 11

For me, what helps is deciding whether I’m going to setup an appt to get answers. If I choose not to, then music, spiritual talks, walks, nature or sitcoms help. I find the web searches only useful after I setup a doc appt and usually the doctor will say that’s not an appropriate self diagnosis. I usually do this just before seeing the doc so I don’t have to spend a long time pondering what if’s.


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