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Yesterday I took my 29 year old son to Boone, NC to a Christ

Yesterday I took my 29 year old son to Boone, NC to a Christian Rehab it's not a fancy one it's a working farm rehab. It's a 12 month program broken into 3 phases with a strong religious focus and a strong focus on physical work. There are no TV's, internet or cell phones they are allowed two 15 minutes calls during the weekend. This is his 3rd treatment program, the first two were AA based with many comforts. Some of my family has voiced negative opinions stating it was a work farm that he wouldn't last. Truth is I don't know. I had reached the point that I just didn't know what to do. Al Anon tells us we don't have to do anything that it's their problem and to detach with love. I know that but, my heart breaks to see the sadness in him to know that he feels worthless to see the pain in him, it's unbearable to think of him homeless and hungry or cold. And I know that it's said you have to reach your bottom to come up. I know that alcoholism is a cruel disease of the mind and body. Is there anyone in this group who has or is dealing with a similar situation?

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May 2

Lmar ...thanks for sharing..I'm sorry to here about your cirrhosis of the liver ..alcohol is one powerful drug, and left untreated, can do some serious damage to ones body, mind and spirit ..I hope someone knows something about bilirubin and chimes in ..I'm going to look myself ..and Im hoping you stick to your guns about not drinking anymore.

Keep the faith


May 5

So sorry for your pain and sadness. Your responses indicate your strong faith and your understanding of Al Anon principles. Nonetheless, it is hard to "allow" our loved ones to suffer and wait for them to hit bottom. What are you doing for yourself? For me, I try to stay focused on the Lord and staying in the Word, along with exercise, good nutrition and good friends. Hope this helps and I will be praying for you and your son today.

May 15

@SuZQ154 Thank you for your prayers. I pray everyday for his heart to open.


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