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When my dad came back, he promised my mom and I that he’d


When my dad came back, he promised my mom and I that he’d give up alcohol, as that was the root of our family problems. He’s been drinking again for a while, and now my mom too when she said she quit. They fought tonight, and they’ve fought a lot in the past and some of the fights have even turned physical. I feel so stuck and alone. I feel like I don’t even have parents sometimes

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Sep 11

My parents didn't start drinking till I was 18 but it but it was still really hard. They broke up over 15 years ago and my dad got sober but my mom is still a real bad alcoholic. What I'm trying to say is that even if its been decades there is still a chance for anyone to get better. Try to focus on improving yourself and your situation, even though they are your parents and you love them, they are not your responsibility, you are theirs even if they've forgotten.

Sep 13

Sorry this is going on. Back in my younger days... I had to deal with the very same thing. I remember breaking up fights all the time and crying myself to sleep a lot. The only thing I know to do, in a situation I cant help... Is pray. I want you to know that I will be praying for you and your parents. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Sep 14

I also grew up with alcoholic parents . They would go to the bar , come home drunk and fistfight. I learned after trying to break them up and being told to go to my room , to just go to my room or I would leave the house if it wasn't too late. My heart feels for you and I hope you know that their drinking is not about you or your fault. You can't help them they must be ready. Is it possible to sit down with them and tell them your feelings about thie ? It might or might not work but it could be a good release for you to get out your frustrations.


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