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Well my wife let me come home yesterday and we talk for over


Well my wife let me come home yesterday and we talk for over an hour. She wants to support me and try to keep our marriage alive. It was a good night. I woke up this morning feeling like a million buck. Then she says she needs to talk to me. On Friday night at the hotel I was in ( sober) I had the front desk girl make me another room key because I thought I had lost mine when I walk across to get some food. She gave me the card as I realized I found mine in my pocket. I have her the new one back. She thought I was giving it to her. She told a coworker who told the manager who happens to be my daughters friends mother. My daughters friend told my daughter at school today who in turn called my wife to tell her I'm cheating. This was a complete misunderstanding and I never nor will I ever cheat on my wife. I'm just not that kind of guy. My wife talked to the manager who told her I wasn't flirting with this woman and all I said was" here this is for you". My wife says she totally believes me and we need to move on from this. This makes me crazy crap always seems to pile on me. I want to sit in a dark room by myself and have a drink but I know it won't solve anything. I am way more upset about this than my wife is. Me always being the glass half empty guy thinks in my screwed up head that what if that's how it came off to the woman and this ruins my relationship. I'm making a counseling appointment today. Thanks for listening. Much love

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Feb 16

What a huge big deal over a total misunderstanding, this hotel worker just should have asked and acted more professional.


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