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Well... I went to see my probation officer today for the l

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Well... I went to see my probation officer today for the last time and tomorrow is the last day. I did it. This has been a very hard road.

It was a crazy day. I scheduled the bus to pick me up. That was a mess. I was on the phone trying to get them to pick me up on time. The poor bus driver was hauling a** by my house. I thought he was leaving. Being worked up and seeing him pass on by like he was leaving freaked me out. I'm chasing him and screaming. It's funny now that I think about it but in the moment I was cussing and acting a fool.

I was sitting In the waiting room after my appointment was over. Usually there are a lot of people sitting there as well. There was just one Woman. I overheard her talking on the phone and looked over at her. As she hung up, she looked at me too. We had this moment where we connected our pain, our struggle. I knew she was just beginning what I was just ending. I told her, "you can do it." I moved over to the chair next to her. I said, you can do this as long as you stay sober. You have to keep your head on straight . She said , she didn't drink but she liked her weed. I told her again, " oh no.. you have to stop. People think they can keep drinking or smoking but you have to just stop and you will make it." She heard me and felt comforted. Then my Uber ride came and I left. I thought , wow.. I'll never forget this day. I hope that she took that moment to heart as well. I never talked to anyone when I went in until today. So I take it as the Universe giving me the opportunity to pass on some Hope. For her to see I did it and she can too.

I came home so relieved. I had some pizza and felt great. Cleaned and cooked my heart out. Now I am happily tired. I am also thinking back again to when I first joined this online support group. I had never been on any online support group before. This was really my saving grace. I do believe it was a divine intervention. I needed support so badly and I finally found it here. It has been an Amazing journey. I have grown stronger. I'm very grateful. I'm grateful for everything these days. Peace ;))

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May 15

Jdavis ...great news..congrats!
That was very nice of you to reach out and try to help and comfort that person there for there first time!

Pass it on..


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May 15

@Irishfighter Thank you. AGREE! We live and learn. Then we teach.


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