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Today is the day I admit to myself I have a drinking problem

Today is the day I admit to myself I have a drinking problem. I have got to the point that when I drink over the weekend I drink till I no longer can even stand up. This has to stop and I admit I have a serious problem.

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Jul 24

I don't know enough about your story to answer that. Are you doing anything for yourself? There is a fine organization called Al-Anon. Not something to take lightly, it changes lives.

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Aug 10

I ended up sick, probably a bad cold. I didn't go to rehab and I haven't had a drink for a while. I'm not sure if rehab is what I need. Honestly I need life lessons. I get bored, I drink so the time goes by. I want to live, meet people, date, etc., If anyone out there knows what I'm talking about, please help me out.

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Aug 12

Your conscious and body is telling you. You have a addiction which is a disease. The more we learn about how this alcohol epidemic is destroying us. Here is a video on detoxification of your liver. My uncle died recently. He drank himself to death. Please watch the video and pass it along. I am not going to say that you will never drink again. But moderation is key until the complete poison leaves us.


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