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Today I celebrate 2 years 2 months 2 days Sober! I

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Today I celebrate
2 years
2 months
2 days
I like numbers so I thought this was cool to share.

I remember being around the 4 month mark when I had my 1st panic. That was my number when I would relapse on cigarettes,alcohol.
My next panic came at 7 months.
I was so scared! I knew I had to stay Sober but Fear just consumed me for a few days.
I obviously made it.
When I hit 1 year .. I was relieved.
I just thought It would be easier and for the most part it has been.
I know I can’t let down my guard. I remind myself that I am indeed an Alcoholic and I must keep it out of my body at all costs.
I check labels on everything.
There is Alcohol is tincture vitamins, nail polish, vanilla extract,etc.
I don’t take any chances.

I also still practice a few important elements.

Keep it simple.

Easy does it.

Just for today.

To thy own self be true.

And the last one is something I’m challenging myself to do now.
Through all my family issues I’m going through. Mom died. Dad is Alcoholic, brother Alcoholic.
Sister is ok but a major control freak, thrives on high anxiety and stresses me out.
I have the right to do whatever I need to do to keep my sanity.
That means staying away from all of them at this point for now if that is my choice.
If I had a good, happy, healthy family dynamic then I would want to be around them. It’s just not like that.

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Jun 13

@GirlKitty Thank you so much.

Jun 13

@LollyNews when i wake up each day i remember my past is my experience and my present is my opportunity. The only thing I got right every time in my many years clean is I didn't use one day at a time. I made many mistakes in addiction and many in recovery but they were manageable in recovery. Stay in the present!

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Jun 13

@jarofflies Thank you for sharing that.
I agree that dealing with mistakes sober is manageable.
Had I still been drinking.. I would imagine I would be having a different experience. I’m sure of it.
When my Mom passed just this past March 10th , I was able to be with her. I was scared but with encouragement from wonderful SG friends I did it. I showed up for her. She was only 69. I know some don’t get to 69. I just imagined her being 90.
Anyway.. thank you. For some reason reading this made me think of AA. I don’t go anymore. I like to hear people’s stories.


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