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The idea of living one day at a time was introduced to me at

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The idea of living one day at a time was introduced to me at the beginning of my recovery in 1997. I remember my reaction was I'm too busy trying to controlling everything. Turns out my out of control drinking was the driving force behind the need to control everything. Recovery has made for a much easier life first by being able to stop that drinking one day at time and then learning how to live one day at a time. It still sometimes feels strange but I now realize that good living is done one day at a time. Don't drink go to a meeting one day at a time. Today, I will carry only the weight of 24 hours at one time, without the extra bulk of yesterday’s regrets or tomorrow’s anxieties. Let me breathe the blessings of each new day for itself, by itself, and keep my human burdens contained in daily perspective. May I learn the balance of soul that comes through keeping close to that power greater than mysely.

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Sep 11

I am really enjoying your posts. I don't pay enough attention to my recovery. Even when I was new to recovery, going to meetings just triggered me into wanting to use. Anyways, I had no idea I was as out of control as I was, until a year or so later. For me, I was fighting newly diagnosed and untreated ptsd. Having control is what gave me a sense of safety. My d.o.c. allowed me to numb out and squash the ptsd symtpoms. So, I was able to justify it. Even when I started recovery, I used my ptsd as an excuse. It's only with recovery and distance/perspective that I'm able to see how my behavior was so addict driven.

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Sep 15

@Round3 You're on the right track. Stay on.


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