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staggering, stumbling. slowly dying. losing my wife and only

staggering, stumbling. slowly dying. losing my wife and only friend behind my drinking. This is a last hope for me.

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Jul 2

@LeroyX-Cess many times bad news can trigger a setback. Sorry this is the case with you this time Leroy, but that doesn't mean that you can't get back up, dust yourself off and try again. The great thing about quitting is that there are no set amount of tries you get.
Are you getting any exercise or working on hobbies to help divert your mind while you are quitting? That helped me alot in the beginning

Jul 3

Yes, thanks for that. Starting again today. Bad thing became good thing.

Will1128's picture
Jul 3

@LeroyX-Cess my husband has cirrhosis. He died on the table during a procedure. They brought him back. I quit drinking immediately and have been sober since Oct 2018. I won't lie, I have drank 3 times I. That year and a half but am glad I chose to remain sober. Every day is one more day. Be proud !!!


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