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Sorry. I had a long post and it disappeared.?. Will post mor


Sorry. I had a long post and it disappeared.?. Will post more later today. I hope you are all well

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Jul 12

I just wrote something that I think I lost ..
It's a shame .. Especially when you pour your heart and soul into it ..
You can't go back and rewrite it .. It's not the same, and the issue should be addressed by mamagement, for an on going problem with members of all groups losing what the've shared needs to be resolved ..


Jul 13

It was very frustrating and I just had no more mental energy to rewrite

Jul 13

Hello SG???
Are you listening??
This problem has never been fixed...
It would be nice to here from SG, don't you think??
It's been 2 days since the first post regarding this issue..
How about a response SG??


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