Saw my Dr today. We talked mostly about my pain issues but


Saw my Dr today. We talked mostly about my pain issues but I was honest about my last 9 months of alcohol. Not the last several years but at least the last nine months. For those of you afraid of talking to your Dr. I explained I was anxious, which he could probably see by my sweat! Told him I felt I was using it to help with & calm pain, anxiety from pain & my dad's failing health. He was actually very kind!! I did not feel judged. He gave me some advice and guidelines for drinking but at the moment wants to focus on other problem. I didn't tell him I'm not sure I can follow guidelines. I'll see him again in a month or so after other Dr's & we'll revisit then. I'm glad I did it.

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Aug 9

Isn't it interesting that when we are encompassed with our addiction that simple things become so complex? The Doctor has power to control us by providing or denying what we feel we need. In the Doctor's mind the problem is with what is causing the pain and yet the patient sees the problem as the pain. It is good of you to be upfront and honest because it makes you a part of the solution. You will find that the Doctor will be far more trusting of you in the future. He/she wants you to get well and knows what you have to do to get there, even though your addiction shows a quicker and easier way, however the outcomes are different. One sustains life and the other puts it at risk.

Good for you, Benny! You made a necessary step towards a solution.

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Aug 12

Watch this video on detoxifying your liver. Please pass it on as this is a disease.

Aug 20

@Renesroom112 thank you.


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