overwhelmed and tired... over eating, over sleeping, feel li

overwhelmed and tired... over eating, over sleeping, feel like my mind is going to explode. I'm in AA, have 3 years of sobriety and I'm doing all the 'right' things but I'm exhausted.. meetings, calling my sponsor and sober friends, meditating, going to church.. but my brain is just on a hamster wheel of my past mistakes, my anxiety and everything else.

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Feb 25

I kind of think we are all feeling that way during the pandemic if that helps you feel less alone in feeling overwhelmed and tired. Hugs!

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Feb 25

@[email protected] it's like from one extreme to another. Now it's about finding balance.
Then it's about realizing you don't have to carry the baggage of your life around with you day in and day out. You get to choose.
It took me a long time to realize this.
When I did, I chose to let it all go.
And I do that with every day. The last is over and now you can. Live a new day. This is all there is. The Now.

At some point all the A.A.meetings kept me stuck. Constantly going over the past. We can renew ourselves and start over.
I'm not the same person. I was 4 yrs ago.

There's a saying that people don't really change. I agree UNLESS they are addicts. A sober addict changes a lot , for the better

I got into healthy living and use adaptogens like ashwaganda to relax. I use the powder from nuts.com 1 teaspoon in morning, 1 at night.
How you doing today?


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