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None of my sponsors have worked out. I can do this without o

None of my sponsors have worked out. I can do this without one. I do everything by myself anyways. I'm sober because of guilt and the guilt is there keeping me sober.

Apr 15

My last go around I had a hard time finding a sponsor, and deep down I really didn't want to get one...I ask 4-5 different people, and they all said this guy Steve C took me over to a guy with 2 yrs sober and said, this is your sponsor..I had no car, very little money, and was desperate...he was my sponsor for my first 7 yrs in AA..he drove me to all my meetings...and I lived in a rural area and meetings weren't close to one another...he was a gift from God...a great listener who became my good friend..I moved away from that area and have seen him a few times over the years...I think in early sobriety it's important to have someone you can trust and confide in..whether it's a sponsor or a friend...keeping things in for me was never a good idea...I used the group and still do till today...I don't care what anyone thinks...I try to be very honest in my sharing, and in return I get lots of different ideas...I can really relate to being a's still ingrained in me..I can still isolate and stay alone at times, but I've learned over time that it's best for me to be around mind can take me to some scary places mentally...that's why for me attending AA is so positive for this negative thinker that I still can be...I suggest to use the group until you find someone you feel you can trust....I haven't had a so called "sponsor" in over 20 yrs, but I have a few close AA friends that I trust, and feel I can share with them...I don't care what's keeping me sober, the main thing is, is that I stay sober no matter what...I've lost my dad in sobriety, been separated for 2 1/2 yrs being sober, and have had cancer since 1998 and have had 2 bone marrow transplants since 2012, and through it all, I've been sober since 1990, all because of AA and some type of belief in a higher power..
Just hang tough, don't drink no matter what, and if you believe in God or a higher power, don't be shy to ask for help, and thank him/her at night before you go to bed..
I have faith in you angry poet 123 !


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Apr 15

I do have people I talk to and have numbers of people to call if I'm having trouble. I'm really upset about losing this sponsor, but he had some issues to deal with.


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