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New here, haven't drank in 2 days. I'm scared, I'm lonely,


New here, haven't drank in 2 days. I'm scared, I'm lonely, I'm pretty sure I'm detoxing and I'm very depressed. I've talked to my husband ( who is trying to be supportive but doesn't want to quit drinking) and he thinks I'm over reacting. Being I down a average of a bottle of wine a night I don't think so. I've also done some things I'm very ashamed of and have blacked out several times lately. Typically at the 2 bottle mark. I'm wanting to quit or get this under control without the help of rehab or Dr's.

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Aug 10

@Irishfighter thank you. Afraid I'd be mortified ( even though they're there too? Right?). " it's no big deal" maybe needs to be the mantra? Good big brother you have!

Renesroom112's picture
Aug 12

You will see the results. Please watch this video. Is about detoxifying your liver. Pass this video on to help others.

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Aug 12

Any addictive is a crewel deception and lie! The substance promises to make you feel better about your life and escape! We all know the true reality of the emptiness we are left with after the indulgence has taken its toll!
I watched someone after losing their job spiral out if control. DUI finances and then finally his home! All gone not to mention the sad stress it put on his family friends. So saying all of that to say this....YES it's hard! The big question, are you willing to get in the ring and fight for your life? Or are you going to deal with the consequences? Alcohol is truely a spirit...A very evil one!
God bless you and help you to defeat this very cunning and seductive addictive robber of happy lives!
Big Hugs!


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