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My last day of drinking was the 15 of January. I was strugg


My last day of drinking was the 15 of January. I was struggling with craving and withdrawals but determined not to drink. I kept track of my blood pressure and when ever it was high I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and chop up some garlic that I would eat. I had bad headaches but didn't take any meds for it. Two days ago I finished a five day fast. I had wanted to lose some pounds and detox and reset my body. I was feeling very weak yesterday but I feel much better today

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Feb 9

I understand the convenience . Have you looked into online support groups ( other then this one ) ? There are many and you might find a good match. Some have meetings, chats , message option, 24/7 boards.

Feb 10

@jdonna25 No I haven't yet. I am a member of the online support group from this site. Thanks : )

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Feb 12

Honestly what tends to help with the cravings and withdrawal, a piece of something sweet, like a small piece of chocolate helps. I am 37 days in and have learned from my support system at AA, it hits the same part of the brain that alcohol hits. Just an idea to help.


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